Savings of water: ​50 to 75% less water consumption compared with a classic irrigation system (watering can, fountain water(water jet), drip)  regardless the type of ground​ or​ ​plants​, thanks to a gentle underground irrigation with no evaporation.  

Savings time of watering​, filling time of ​Ollas ​ 5 to 6 times faster than classical watering from the top - of weeding​ because weed reduction. Savings of fertilizers ​ ​when these are added to plants as their efficiency is much better and much more sustainable when dissolved in ​Ollas ​ water. 



Underground distribution of the water =  the soil is not wet on surface.        

100 % of the water is consumed by the plant with a stable irrigation.      

Reduction of the time of watering (just the time to fill the ​Ollas ​ )        

D​ecrease weeds and time of weeding​. ​Suppression / Reduction of weed killers        

​Control of watering:​ Optimum amount water to the well-being of the plants without excess 

Health and quality of plants

Very soft watering from underneath, which does not wet the leafs.        

Biological and microbial activity stimulation because of fresh and aerated ground        

Fewer risks of diseases by Oomycetes (Mildews and Damping-off)        

No hydric stress        

In case of use of the tap water, the chlorine has time to evaporate        

Root development in depth and homogeneous. ​

Savings of fertilizers        

Better nutrition of plants with more minerals and trace elements        

Better sanitary state of plants, (stronger and more resistant against diseases)        

Edible plants: better nutritional, gustative and organoleptic values  

Simplicity of use    

- Ease of implementation and use. Approachable by everyone        

- Adaptability to the climate and the plants needs, without it is necessary to intervene for make adjustments to the irrigation system​. - Autoregulation of the hydric conductivity and evapotranspiration        

- Maintenance​: none, ​resists to limestone water ​(3)​, resits to frost​ ​(see Wintering), ​very high durability​. 

High quality manufacturing  

The OLLAS-JAMET® are the result of a unique family know-how​:

Clay made from a rigorous selection of 3 different type of clays from 3 different regions in France with specific properties

High quality of manufacture improving porosity, mechanical and thermal resistance Keeps a regular flow​, even with very hard water (limestone). Shock resistant​(​4​)​ ​and frost resistant​(​5​)​ ​due to their composition, manufacturing and baking  > 1,000°C. ​(​4​)​ Normal / moderate shocks - ​(​5​)​ under normal conditions of use (see Wintering).  


The development of the ​OLLAS-JAMET® ​ ​required 2 years of R&D and was made with professionals who tested and compared the OLLAS-JAMET® in real conditions in gardens, vegetable and various types of landscapes.

Their high qualities are a direct answer to the needs of many private individuals as well as the professionals within  the private and public sectors.