Entomofauna Support

Facing the decline of insects in their natural habitat and directly impacting their population and above all biodiversity, the JAMET Pottery has developed due to its know-how a collection specially dedicated to the support of insects. For their well-being and survival, the OLLAS BEE Jamet® bee water reservoir and the LOGE® insect refuge.


Ollas BEE® free-standing bee water reservoir


Ollas BEE Jamet®, 2 years of research and testing by the JAMET Pottery from 2018 to 2020:


1 year to develop the technical qualities of the ceramic (resistance, porosity, autonomy ...) in accordance with the needs established by beekeepers



1 year of tests from April 2019 to March 2020 (particularly dry season marked by numerous and intense heat waves) with various bee colonies (*).

(*) Tests carried out on colonies not transhumed and without food supplement and with Ollas-BEE Jamet® compared to colonies without water reservoir or with water reservoir  of « stagnant water » type.


After the scorching heat of 2019, the Ollas-BEE® is making life easier for wild and farmed pollinators who maintain the balance of the biocenosis and pass on healthy ecosystems to future generations.


LOGE® modular and free-standing insect refuge


LOGE®, 1 year and a half of research and development from 2018 to 2019 by Défi Ecologique for 100% entomofauna support in accordance with the recommendations of naturalists and other scientists of the project on a European scale




+9 months to validate the manufacturing process in accordance with the commitment and the quality label of the JAMET Pottery: Probus Pottery JAMET






The tests in real conditions, the methods and the results of Ollas-BEE Jamet® and LOGE® were defined, carried out and confirmed by leading professionals in their respective fields:


Mr Constant, Beekeeper in Moirac (47) and Rodez (12) - Fr

Mr Rigon, Referent beekeeper Fauroux (82) - Fr

Défi Ecologique, Mrs Hoffmann (Naturalist) & RIEHLING (Designer) in Sélestat (67) - Fr

JAMET entomofauna support ceramics are registered and patented.