Bury the Ollas-Jamet® up to the neck in the ground or large pot next to the plants.

Recommendations​ :

Put around the Ollas a mixture of soil and compost, put mulch to optimize the effectiveness of Olla/Oya and limit evaporation.

Fill with water the ​Olla, water the surrounding ground and place the lid on top of the ​Olla. At the end of the season (during winter) we do not recommend to fill with water the ​Olla except for plants under shelter. 

Make place to put the ​Olla between the edge of the pot and the plant, do not hesitate to cut roots. The roots will reform near the ​Ollas​ and thus optimize efficiency.



Saving water, no more water flooding on furniture and floors. The water diffuses slowly, the plant is no longer under water stress. 

Irrigation system


The space between the ​Ollas-Jamet® and the plant to be irrigated is based on the size of the Olla/Oya and its radius of action (see table below), climatic conditions and soil type.


For a medium size ​Ollas-Jamet® type​ # 4, the space varies between 50 cm (sandy soil) and 80 cm (clay soil) and up to 2.5 meters for creeping cultures.  

Increase the volume of ​Olla for a very dry climate & soil. It will help the natural flow of water and the plants that requires a lot of watering.

Decrease the volume of the ​Ollas-Jamet® for a temperate climate or a soil that retains water and plants that do not need much water.