Our Engagement 

To respect these values and a professional quality production, the JAMET Pottery has defined precise processes in a superior quality manufacturing label: Probus Pottery JAMET


Probus Pottery JAMET guarantees to professional users and individuals for whom quality is essential, durable and efficient ceramics.


The ORIGIN and SPELEO Collection provide:


The largest irrigation areas and autonomy on the market (in its respective field) for all types and sizes of plants (*) up to secular trees.

A specific porosity validated by professionals at each collection on a regular basis,

For example, a medium-sized Ollas-JAMET® n°5 with a capacity of 9L has 11/12 days of autonomy and an irrigation area of at least 2m².

Ollas without micro-cracks, insensitive to frost (tested at -27 ° C) and limestone.

(*): Except for cereal crops and vines