The Jamet Pottery

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The Jamet Pottery



For 3 generations, the Jamet family has been in the world of ceramics. It was in 1974 that Daniel Jamet created the JAMET Pottery. She then produced her first ceramics, mainly miters and lanterns for fireplaces.


Quickly recognized for the quality of its monumental pieces and the durability of the more classic ones, the Jamet Pottery was approved by the Historic Monuments of France in 1979 and has kept this approval ever since.


In 2005 Laurent Jamet took over the family pottery. Since 2010 he has been investing in research and developing new ceramics, in particular with variable porosity:

-2012, Research and Development on Ollas-Jamet® Irrigation Ceramics

-2013, Prestigious ornamental ceramics, Les Terres d’Iza®

-2014, Irrigation ceramics for burial, Ollas-ORIGIN Jamet®

-2017, Research and Development on wine amphorae

-2018, Large Volume Ollas-ORIGIN Jamet® Irrigation Ceramics

8 models from 0.50 to 35 L. to be buried up to the neck.

-2020, New Ollas-SPELEO Jamet®, irrigation ceramics

6 models from 3 to 35 L. to be completely buried underground

-2020, New Ollas-BEE Jamet®, Ceramic bee water reservoir

5 models from 6 to 35 L. to be placed on the ground or above ground.





The Jamet Pottery designs, manufactures and distributes technical ceramics with variable porosity and high environmental values ​​defined, tested and used by and for leading professionals in their respective fields.


Through their innovative natural and easy-to-use techniques and solutions, the Jamet Pottery’s ceramics:


Preserve water resources

Reduce the irrigation budget and its constraints/inconvenience

Ease & increase of the efficiency and control of watering

Facilitate the life (increase in their vitality and lifespan) of wild and farmed pollinators that maintain the balance of the biocenosis and pass on healthy ecosystems to future generations.

Naturally and gently sublime the original and organoleptic qualities of wines and alcohols.

Meet the economic and usage requirements of individuals and the most demanding professionals

Since the last 2 years, the Jamet Pottery has decided to set up a national and international distribution network. The Jamet Pottery is now present in France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, and Canada.





The JAMET Pottery is an independent French factory specializing in the terra-cotta pottery technique with variable porosity according to the collections. The Jamet Pottery guarantees its ceramics great durability and high qualities, meeting the needs of professionals in each field of application


We control all development and manufacturing processes, from the choice of raw materials to the cooking process.


The Jamet pottery manufactures its own so-called "unwashed" shaping clay in-house. We provide our ceramics long resting times before and after shaping. We provide a high expertise over the « cooking » phases and temperatures. (See Probus JAMET)




Our artisanal know-how allows a superior quality production known as « PROBUS Pottery JAMET » meets the highest standards required by professionals in beekeeping, naturalists, plants, winemaking and ornamentation.


The development of a new collection requires 1 to 4 years of research and investment.


The tests in real conditions, the methods and the results of the JAMET Pottery’s ceramics are defined, carried out and confirmed by and for leading professionals in their respective fields:


Exterior Architects and Landscapers,

Local government officials

Producers of orchards, arboriculture and truffle farms ...

Winegrowers, Oenologists, Cellar and vinification masters


Manufacturers of containers / pots and other equipment for green spaces

In Irrigation, the observation of all private or professional customers is unanimous:


The OLLAS-JAMET provide great comfort and ease of use, water and time savings, plant well-being associated with great durability.






To meet an increasingly strong demand from plant and distribution professionals and also to prepare our future collections and innovations, the JAMET Pottery is investing in 2020 in the extension of the manufacture as well as hiring additional employees.


Production capacity: 50,000 pieces / year, all collections combined, excluding prototypes.


From the mixing of the raw clays to the end of « cooking » phase, the manufacturing time varies from:


2 to 4 weeks for the Ollas ORIGIN & SPELEO

4 to 5 weeks for the Ollas BEE Ollas> 100 L

4 to 6 weeks for Ornamental ceramics

5 to 10 weeks for vinification ceramics






Our production is carried out and supervised by 3 master ceramists


Laurent JAMET

CAP turner in Pottery 1987 at CNIFOP 58 St Amand en Puisaye, France


Isabelle JAMET

CAP Industrial ceramic maker 1983 Lycée de la Céramique Henry Moisand 21 Longchamp and CAP turner in pottery 1985 At CNIFOP 58 St Amand en Puisaye, France



CAP pottery turner in 1986 At the CNIFOP 58 St Amand in Puisaye, France