Principle and Origin 

Principle and Origin 

The irrigation​ by a ceramic pottery called ​Olla or Oya (Spanish word meaning "pot") is a subterranean irrigation technique adapted for all types of plants or trees.

The ​Olla is the only irrigation system which adapts itself to the climate and to the needs for the plant.

We bury and fill with water a clay jar up to the collar that will irrigate the surrounding plants. The porous walls let escape slowly the water which will be absorbed by the roots of the plants.


The Olla takes care to spread this water in a perimeter with variable duration according to the nature of the grounds, the plants or trees, the climate and of course the size of the ​Olla.  

This ancestral underestimated technique is the object of multiple scientific researches since the 1960s, in particular with the Alternative Nobel Prized, Bill Mollison. Australian biologist and environmentalist, famous for its works in Environmental Physiology​ ​and Permaculture, Bill Mollison qualified this system as being "​the best irrigation system in the world​"​ in its videos ​The Global Gardener.