DOLIAS Jamet® Ceramics for vinification, aging and refining of wine and spirits


Dolias Jamet®, 4 years of research and development by the JAMET Pottery and tests in real situation with wine makers and oenologists from 2016 to 2020 to perfect the technical qualities of the ceramic (shapes, volumes of containers, resistance, porosity, movement and work of the lees ...) in accordance with the needs and wishes of the premium wine makers.


Ceramics related to vinification are finalized in:


assembly of suitable clays

size and shape of containers


size, shape and characteristics of the drain

accessories; joints, strapping, ...

We are currently transforming the workshop for a production line dedicated to this collection.



Formats planned in phase 1: 15L, 110 / 120L, 220L, 350L


Formats planned in phase 2: 750 / 800L, 1.000 / 1.200L, 1.500L




The list of partners will be made public upon the official release of the collection.